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Like any natural fiber, a minimal approach to cleaning should be taken to wool felt since the method could potentially do more damage than the stain. The cleaning approach should be (1) dust with a lint roller, (2) vacuum with a clean, soft brush, (3) clean with water and mild detergent, (4) clean with chemical spot remover. Always test any cleaning method first in an inconspicuous area. If a wet spill should occur, blot up the liquid as soon as possible with a dry cloth to avoid absorption. Avoid aggressive rubbing as this can continue the felting process and change the surface appearance of the felt. For removal
of minor stains, a mild enzyme-based detergent (such as Tide Free)
is recommended. Create a dilute solution by adding three parts water to one part detergent in a clean container. Use a clean paper towel to gently blot the detergent into the stain. Press and release, press and release. Using a separate container of just clear water, use clean, moist paper towels to blot more water into the stain. Press and release, press and release. Finish by blotting firmly with clean, dry paper towels until the area is nearly dry.