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magic sleeve combi

Carry up to a 12.9" iPad Pro and 14" MacBook Pro in one sleeve. Made in small batches with or without a matching felt handle.

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this sleeve is life changing.. not to be dramatic, but it really makes transportation with my electronics SO much easier! and it’s definitely worth the price!! don’t even think about it just buy it you’ll be so happy 😁


I have a feeling of satisfaction flood over me every time I get out my computer & start working. I love my work and this makes it even better. No matter where I am I have my desk setup dialed in around my case/desk pad. Thanks Nedrelow

The build quality is great, and IT JUST WORKS! You put in your iPad and related items, close and go. I couldn't be more happier with this purchase. Not only do you have a great way to carry around your device, but when opened, you have a dedicated "workspace" to get your sh*t done, move and repeat. I'm always for an accessory that makes the experience better and this sleeve doesn't disappoint.

Corey Sanders

I can’t believe I can be very excited for a sleeve. Before I purchased this sleeve, I have bought several sleeves for my iPad Pro. All of the sleeve that I bought previously are not as sleek and minimal as the Magic Sleeve. Also, the Magic Sleeve is a desk pad.
I am so happy and very satisfied with this product and will definitely recommend it to my family and friends.


Seriously, you wouldn’t think you’d like something so much until you get it in your hands and test it out. This Magic Sleeve is so beautifully minimal, and highly addictive to the touch, as well as cleverly functional.

Legna Alvira