Go inside and greet the light

The visual artist James Turrell's grandmother often said regarding Quaker meditation "Go inside and greet the light." Turrell saw one of Wilfred's proto-TV analog light art boxes (pictured above) at MoMa in 1957 with his Aunt, who had brought him there to see a Monet painting. The work of Wilfred is influential for Turrell's thinking about light and art because they aren't depictions of light, they are light, created by moving analog elements inside boxes.

I used some video of Wilfred's boxes I saw at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in 2018 during a show there to make these live wallpaper videos I've been using on my phone. Please enjoy! More information about Wilfred and the show is here.

Thomas Wilfred Live Wallpapers

(how to convert a video below into a live wallpaper)