"Been working on this" update

A year ago I posted a video of one of the first Nedrelow Magic Sleeve prototypes on reddit with the subject line, “Been working on this."

Immediately, that post started trending, ultimately receiving 4.2k up votes and hundreds of comments. Even though I’ve been making tech accessories in my studio for about ten years, I’d never encountered this level of immediate and direct support, so I listed the product on my website. At that point, I was still personally making every single Magic Sleeves by hand.

Over the next few weeks, I received several positive reviews of the Magic Sleeve on YouTube. Over the next few months, I tried my best to meet the growing demand by establishing a supply chain and a relationship with a production partner in Waterbury, Connecticut. Given the realities of the pandemic, this was a big challenge. And during this time, I was particularly touched by your personal words of encouragement and thanks. I would often print your emails and share them with family and friends.

I added Noah, Maddie, and Ely to my team in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and together we continued to produce the products and answer everyone’s questions. I am so grateful to everyone who patiently waited for their purchases during these months. I am not exaggerating, at all, when I say I thought about my customers every single day.

By the end of the summer, we had started working closely with a cut-and-sew manufacturer in Waterbury, Connecticut. I am in daily contact with my production partners there and our relationship has allowed me to get your orders out faster and to focus more energy on designing new products.

Given your support for the Magic Sleeve, I was encouraged to apply for utility and design patents and in January 2021, a patent was issued by the US Patent and Trademark office for "MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE CASE AND WORKSTATION MAT" U.S. Patent No. 10,901,459.

After moving across the country in February, I’m still working on the website photography, new products, and contributing to the production from our new headquarters in Tomales, California. 

I am incredibly lucky to have such a supportive customer base. Thank you!