action pouch medium / large
action pouch medium / large
action pouch medium / large
action pouch medium / large
action pouch medium / large

action pouch medium / large

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  • made to order at my studio in Los Angeles
  • ships in 2-12 business days

Action Pouch features magnetic closure and two solid brass o-rings for attachment to unistraps. The Medium size can fit up to a 13/14" MacBook and a 12.9" iPad Pro (plus chargers). The Action Pouch Large is 2" wider to accommodate a 15/16" MacBook and an iPad. It can be paired with another Action Pouch for AirPods Max and Unistrap to be a complete laptop bag. Zipper free magnetic closure ensures no scratching of devices as they are taken in and out. When used with a unistrap, the oversize lever snap can fit up to four o-rings for a total of up to four Action Items per strap. Made with 100% Merino Wool felt produced in Germany. Made at my studio in Los Angeles. 

medium 14 - 5/8" x 12"
large 16 - 5/8" x 12"

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The Action Sleeve is similar to a Magic Sleeve, with a full magnetic closure.

Action Pouches have a strong magnetic closure at the top and are sewn at the edges to allow more items to be placed inside

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