action sleeve medium / large
action sleeve medium / large
action sleeve medium / large
action sleeve medium / large

action sleeve medium / large

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  • made to order at my studio in Los Angeles
  • ships in 2-12 business days

The Action Sleeve Medium can hold up to a 13/14" MacBook and a 12.9" iPad Pro. The Action Sleeve Large is 2" wider to accurate up to 15/16" MacBook and an iPad. It's similar size to the combi. It features extra strong magnets at the top edge for closure. When paired with a unistrap, the oversize lever snap can fit up to four o-rings for a total of up to four Action Items per strap. Made with 100% Merino Wool felt produced in Germany. Made at my studio in Los Angeles. 

outside (open) 22.75 x 14.75" (57.8 x 37.47)
outside (closed) 11.4 x 14.75" (28.96 x 37.47 cm)
inside (usable) 9.75 x 12.75" (24.77 x 32.39 cm)

outside (open): 23 x 16.75” (42.5 x 58.4 cm)
outside (closed): 11.5 x 16.75” (29.21 x 42.55 cm)
inside (usable): 9.85 x 14.75” (25.02 x 37.47 cm)



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Join together any Action Item with a unistrap, available in three sizes

The Action Sleeve is similar to a Magic Sleeve, with a full magnetic closure.

Action Pouches have a strong magnetic closure at the top and are sewn at the edges to allow more items to be placed inside


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