action sleeve small
action sleeve small
action sleeve small
action sleeve small
action sleeve small
action sleeve small

action sleeve small

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  • handmade in the United States
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The small size Action Sleeve can fit an iPad mini, Kindle, notebooks, chargers or other accessories. It folds out like a Magic Sleeve and has two solid brass o-rings to attach it to any other Action Items. Made with 100% Merino Wool felt produced in Germany. When paired with a unistrap, the oversize lever snap can fit up to four o-rings for a total of up to four Action Items per strap. Made at my studio in Los Angeles. Excluded from HOLIDAY23 discounts.

10-5/8" x 9" folded
10-5/8" x 16" unfolded

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The Action Sleeve is similar to a Magic Sleeve, with a full magnetic closure.

Action Pouches have a strong magnetic closure at the top and are sewn at the edges to allow more items to be placed inside

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